SRUSA Elite is the new ELITE division of the world's leading U.S. Soccer Placement Agency, Sports Recruiting USA who have been helping released youth team scholars (and other talented soccer players) since 2011.


Based in Leeds, England, SRUSA Elite, have a wealth of experience to find you the best university for your playing and academic status. All staff have been soccer players in the U.S. college system and some of them even have been National Champions and All-Americans.


Every day we get coaches crying out for ELITE level players like yourself, so why not take the first step in the next stage of your life.


Due to our brand new launch, we have waived all service fee's until the end of November 2015. So if you were at a professional club as a Youth Scholar from 16-18 and/or have been a 1 year professional, upload your CV today and we'll be in touch about getting you over to the states.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us on


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